WindTech 20/421-03

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WindTech windscreens use a proprietary non-heat manufacturing process, and are constructed from a specially developed hypo-allergenic, open-cell, acoustical foam called SonicFoam. The use of SonicFoam permits the free passage of sound energy without affecting the microphone's frequency response. While remaining acoustically transparent,

Windtech windscreens are engineered to reduce wind velocity which virtually eliminates wind noise, breath sounds and pop noises.

For anyone who wants to keep their investment secure, nothing protects an expensive microphone from dust, dampness and physical damage like an external windscreen.

Look for WindTech brand name and get the quality and performance you deserve. Still... Made in America!

20/421 SERIES (aka WS-1)
The Broadcast Industry standard Windscreen! Fits the Following:
? ADK A51TC, 51TT, 51S. AKG C2000, 3000, 4000, 4500, 5600, D3400, 3500, 3600, "The Tube".
? Audio-Technica AE2500, 3000, AT2020, 3035, 4033, 4040, 4047, 4050, 4060, ATM250.
? Audix CX101, 111, 211.
? Beyer M99, MC834, MCE82, MCE90.
? CAD M177, M179 E.V. RE20, PL20, RE27ND, RE1000, RE2000.
? Heil PR30, PR40.
? Microtech M930, M940.
? Nady SCM Series, TCM1000.
? Neumann M147, TLM50, 103, 170R, 193, SM69, U87Ai, U89i, USM69.
? Oktava MC219, MC220, MC312, MC319,VM100.
? Peavey PVM520i.
? Rode Broadcaster, NT-1, NT-2, NTV, NT1000.
? Sanken CU-41.
? Sennheiser e602, MD421U.
? Shure KSM27, KSM32, KSM44, SM7B.
? Sony C800.
? Stedman M90.
? Most large microphones up to 2.125" diameter