WinMedia Production

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The Recorderÿ makes possible the recording of analogic audio sources: microphones cassettes, mini-disc, or interventions.

  The levels of recording are adjustable, the compression of the audio data is carried out in real time, and the recording carried out is available immediately on the whole of the WinMedia stations. To retiealso allows fixing musical pieces with a precision of 100ms, to have the points of reference on a title, as the points of loop, intro, and refrain. Finally it is used as general tool of pre-listening for the software, by allowing cue preceding recordings, or those coming from the data base. A multi-track (from 1 to 8 audio tracks), multi-block, editor which is ideal for fast track editing for journalists, and simple audio production like news flashes and documentaries. Some of the functionalities include cut and copy, regrouping of blocks, time stretching/scrubbing all in real time. Projects can be saved in separate tracks to be worked on later or they can be saved into the database as one audio file. The Mixer Module allows to record Voice tracks directly in the playlist. It also allows to manage the segue ways between songs or jingles by adjusting the tracks volumes and fade In/Out points. Dragging and dropping of station IDs are also possible. Mixer also has a management of macro which make it possible to send orders to external devices, or with other machines carrying out WinMedia. For example, it is possible in the case of a system multi-area to send an order to start several machines of diffusion simultaneously. It is also possible to start devices like audio rockers, grids of commutations, alarms, systems RDS (with the sending of particular instructions), etc the orders being carried by the titles of the data base, one can thus specialize certain commas.