Yellowtec m!ka Wall Mount Pole

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Yellowtec m!ka Wall Mount Pole

m!ka System Walls

  • YT3260 m!ka Wall Mount Pole S 17"  Aluminium
  • YT3261 m!ka Wall Mount Pole XL 35" Aluminium
  • YT3660 m!ka Wall Mount Pole S 17" Black
  • YT3661 m!ka Wall Mount Pole XL 35" Black

Serving as a horizontal mounting spot, m!ka System Walls add even more flexibility to your m!ka setup. Simply fix a m!ka System Wall between two m!ka System Poles or two m!ka Wall Mount Poles by sliding it into the Poles' grooves.

The m!ka MMS Wall Mount Pole aims to mount your individually arranged m!ka equipment to walls. Holes on the flat side of the pole allow for easy fixation using only a few screws. Once installed, the pole itself provides you with different options to hold your m!ka arms and extensions in multiple positions. 

Each MMS Wall Mount Pole has three full-height grooves which are evenly distributed. Use them to attach up to three items at the same height of the pole. m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed using the side or central grooves while MMS Pole Adapters to fix m!ka Microphone Arms or m!ka Studiolight are only compatible with the central groove.