Yellowtec MMS Pole Adapter


Yellowtec MMS Pole Adapter

The right accessories to mount m!ka in the best possible way.

m!ka Arm Support offers you a choice of multiple ways to mount your m!ka Microphone Arms and m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms. All of them are equipped with a bolt at their bottoms which can be used for our various plug-in mounts. Choose between different options to mount m!ka Arms to your desk, wall, m!ka Pole or m!ka System Wall.

  • YT3213 m!ka Pole Adapter aluminium

  • YT3613 m!ka Pole Adapter aluminium

m!ka Pole Adapter

  • Plug-in mount for m!ka Mic Arms / m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms
  • To be used to mount on m!ka Poles
  • Fix up to four m!ka Pole Adapters at the same height of a m!ka System Pole
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum
  • Various applications