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Yellowtec YT3246 Yellow Spacer Polybag

Yellowtec YT3246 Yellow Spacer Polybag

m!ka Studio Accessories

Various small m!ka Studio Accessories help you making the most of your m!ka setup. Beside adapters, you get various spare parts and a bunch of different m!ka Cable Clamps. They help you to tidy your wirings by fixing cables coming from monitors and microphones.

Spec Check: Yellow Spacer (10 Pieces)

  • Serves as a spare part
  • Necessary to mount m!ka Mic Arms, m!ka Studiolight and m!ka EasyLift
  • Bumper between m!ka Arms and m!ka Arm Support mounting devices
  • Ensures smooth position changes of m!ka Arms
  • To be installed with every m!ka Arm
  • ø 51mm
  • Made of plastic