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Yellowtec YT3415

YellowTec YT3415 m!ka Set 6: Triple XL Monitor Set


  • 1x YT3231 Monitor Arm XS aluminum
  • 2x YT3229 Monitor Arm XL aluminum
  • 1x YT3243 System Pole M 21,5? aluminum
  • 1x YT3245 System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit

YT3229: Monitor Arm XL

  • Includes QuickFix for VESA75/100
  • 705 mm radius
  • Supports up to 10 kg payload
  • Sturdy aluminium/ABS construction
  • Swivel head with 105° horizontal range
  • Adjustable friction for swivel head
  • Two cable clips included
  • Fully compatible with m!ka MMS system
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Designed in Germany
  • Maximum range 70,5 cm / 27,76

YT3231 Monitor Arm XS aluminum

  • maximum range 4,13? (10,5cm)

YT3243: MSS Pole

  • Yellowtec M!ika MMS System Pole Alu 21" (53,34cm)
  • Sleek anodized aluminium extrusion
  • MMS pole holds arms and accessories in multiple positions
  • See order information for standard heights
  • 4 horizontal positions
  • Vertical positions depend on height of pole
  • Internal steel thread at bottom for MMS desktop mounting kit or sting
  • Mic arm and studiolight plug on top
  • Cover cap included
  • Custom lengths available up to 6000 MM

YT3245: Mounting Kit

  • Yellowtec M!ka MMS System Pole Support MMS Pole Desktop
  • To be used for permanent mounting of MMS pole into desktop
  • For maximum carrying capacity
  • Large washers to secure durable fit
  • Visible top washer in anodized aluminium
  • Includes screw to fit pole nut
  • Includes YT 2x Cable Clamp and 1x Yellow Spacer
  • max. panel thickness <45mm

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