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Yellowtec YT9401 Litt Universal Mounting Kit UMK

Yellowtec YT9401 Litt Universal Mounting Kit UMK

litt Universal Mounting Kit

  • All-in-one tool for easy installation
  • Comes with litt Base Controller
  • Includes Universal Mounting Adapter and Installation Tool
  • Covers all you need to mount litt in various ways

Hidden Champions: Universal Mounting Adapter & Installation Tool

The Universal Mounting Kit offers several mounting options and works well with our renowned m!ka Mounting System. The kit consists of a Universal Mounting Adapter with a corresponding flange, and a multifunctional tool with two ends: a pointed end for affixing the hybrid cable, and a round end for loosening and tightening the Base Controller’s screws. When we describe our mounting kit as “universal”, we mean it!